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Prepare For A Wholesome Vacation

So that your well earned vacation is finally here. However, before you pack your swim gear, camera and magazines, have a little time to consider your wellbeing. Experiencing a disease in a foreign destination can be extremely challenging. Clearly it will lessen the standard of your journey, but it could also leave travellers with unforeseen

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Air Travel Propagates Infections Internationally, But Health Information From Inflight Magazines May Restrict That

But there is a drawback to all this journey, with its unprecedented quantity of passengers moving from 1 side of the planet to another, largely by airplane. There is the probability of these passengers spreading infectious diseases and germs resistant to multiple drugs (superbugs) across the world. Yetour newly published study into health information supplied

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Fatal Attraction: Australian Youth Traveling On The Waterfront

Australians like to travel the entire world. In 2011 over 7.5 million Australians or over a third of Australians travelled outside the nation. Obviously, most Australian travelers abroad have fun visits without any accident or danger. But sometimes they hit the headlines for the worst motives they perish as a consequence of misadventure, are victims

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